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Suicide Recognizing Symptoms and Helping

Self destruction Recognizing Symptoms and Helping Psychological wellness Issues. Self destruction Self destruction is simply the demonstration of purposefully slaughtering. Today, it is the second driving demise cause among undergrads. As indicated by insights, 10% of understudies have had self-destructive contemplations or even have been making arrangements to remove their own lives. Most understudies, who show such considerations and goals, experience the ill effects of psychological sicknesses (frequently despondency), experience disappointments, stresses, fears, and questions. Despite the fact that numerous understudies can encounter these side effects without contemplations of death, its important to forestall or convenient notification the terrifying second, when they choose to take their lives. Perceiving The Signs Despite the fact that self destruction regularly is by all accounts an unexpected demonstration, its conceivable to see the notice flags already and opportune assistance the individual. These side effects arent in every case clear, yet they may include:Extreme level of misery Sadness and relentless negative temperament Unexpected change in conduct and character Shirking of social exercises Unexpected tranquility after a drawn out sadness Discusses demise and suicideMost understudies who end it all experience the ill effects of a diagnosable and treatable mental issue, for example, extreme melancholy, nervousness, or negative musings after lost a friend or family member. How to Notice Suicidal Behavior in Your Friend? Self-destructive understudies regularly converse with their companions and express their contemplations. Consequently, you should be mindful to those you speak with. Check whether they show such signs as:Talks about their demise self destruction Dangers of harming oneself Visit unsafe practices Withdrawal from companions, school, and social exercises Burdensome conduct and sadness Reluctance to proceed onward after a separation Discusses the craving to assuage their agony until the end of time Seeing any of these signs, be cautious. Persistently talk with this individual and urge him to get proficient assistance. On the off chance that you speculate that your companion, friend, or flat mate is self-destructive yet doesnt need to convey, counsel your grounds medicinal services suppliers immediately. In crisis cases, call 911 or earnest consideration offices. By communicating your anxiety in time, you may spare this people life. How Do You Know If You Are Suicidal? Be mindful not exclusively to people around you yet in addition to yourself. Check whether you show any of the accompanying behaviors:Withdrawal from your companions and exercises you delighted in previously Considerations or discusses demise and self destruction Persevering sentiments of uselessness or sadness Burdensome considerations Persevering sentiments of blame Solid annoyance or nervousness Medication or liquor abuseIf you have any of these signs, look for proficient assistance. Offer your contemplations with your companion or relative and request that they go with you to the expert. Self destruction Prevention Resources On the off chance that you need to realize how to manage self-destructive considerations in yourself or your companion, you can ask help from your grounds wellbeing focus or any of these organizations:Active Minds adds to the compelling correspondence about mental health on school grounds, instructs how to forestall mental issues in understudies, and offers numerous types of assistance for those in emergency National Alliance on Mental Illness expects to upgrade the lives of people who experience the ill effects of mental infirmities, gives data on self destruction anticipation, and offers social care groups, 24-hour life saver emergency talk, and content help line American Foundation for Suicide Prevention intends to give instruction, support, and inventive research discoveries to forestall self destruction National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is reachable through a cost free number 1-800-273-TALK (8255); offers passionate help and help relatives and companions in chance anticipation (all discussions are classified) The Trevor Project gives LGBTQ people required enthusiastic help and secure space to have a discussion, offers a few channels for help and correspondence (their cost free life saver number 1-866-488-7386 works 24/7)Suicide is a major issue. All things considered, you can forestall this disaster on the off chance that you dont sustain your negative contemplations and rather look for approaches to manage them. Recollect that your life is the most valuable thing you have. Worth it.

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Functional Transition Assessment Free Essays

Practical Transition Assessment endeavors to incorporate the understudy into the work power while the understudy is still in secondary school. It gives a brief scaffold or bolster structure for the understudy making the progress from an instructive to a professional situation. Albeit all understudies can profit by such help, for understudies with inabilities such a program can demonstrate particularly basic. We will compose a custom paper test on Practical Transition Assessment or on the other hand any comparative point just for you Request Now Likewise by consolidating professional training at an opportune time to the student’s secondary school vocation, Functional Transitional Assessment can impart an awareness of other's expectations in the understudy and affirm the reasonableness of the student’s instruction. Therefore, in can go about as persuasive device to prevail in the study hall and in workforce. As you would see it, how significant is self-assurance for the Exceptional Student Education understudy in achieving his/her instructive objectives? The Exceptional Student Education understudy may frequently feel that the individual in question has been denied the capacity to practice a lot of independence and command over their day by day life, in any event, when under the direction of benevolent guardians and teachers. It is important that understudies, to work successfully in the workforce and in the public arena, accomplish a feeling of self-rule and autonomy through sensible, self-decided activities and decisions all through the instructive procedure. For what reason do you think word related direction has become logically and progressively increasingly conspicuous in secondary schools? The work environment has developed progressively serious, specialized and had practical experience in nature, in this manner there is more weight upon understudies to practice prior and prior in their instructive vocations. The cost of an advanced degree has likewise heightened, making numerous understudies go to explicitly professional and specialized schools after secondary school. Understudies may likewise wish to look for temporary positions and low maintenance employments to subsidize their instructions that pass on important abilities and information to their future full-time vocations. Individual Social Skills. As you would like to think, how significant is it for a student’s future achievement in the progress to the work power? Enthusiastic Intelligence, or the capacity to cooperate with other people, and to be touchy to other persons’ needs is a basic part of professional achievement. It isn't sufficient to realize how to play out an assignment. One must realize how to perform to one’s best capacity in an authoritative setting. The most effective method to refer to Functional Transition Assessment, Papers

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Do Stereotypes Use Framing Effects - Free Essay Example

Standard living with media or Stereotypes using Framing effects? Picture yourself in a situation. You are given two choices and you must choose one. Situation A: You won a lifelong vacation. No stress. No work. All you should do is spend your days the way you want to. Situation B: Like A, you receive a vacation as well. This vacation though, is not as fabulous as the one prior and it is a little more crowded. But you can still spend it as you wish and it is free. Naturally, the choice most people would go for is A. While both instances offer a lifelong retreat, B has its setbacks. Its limited and mentioned a lot of the cons to the vacation, such as being crowded, uncomfortable and lower quality than A. Even though, both are get-away trips, Situation A, however, shows no flaws. Like Situation B, it could have its downfalls too but the problems were not addressed up front. For all the readers know, Situation A could be as bad, if not worse than Situation B. But most would not realize it because of how fascinating it sounds. Stress free with no responsibilities. Media framing works the same way. Framing is summed up as a judgement or opinion about something based on how its presented to an audience. It is effective at catching the audience attention, whether it promotes good or bad impressions of ideas and people. Which brings up a question I had for a while, while are people, like the working and lower middle class are shown so negatively in the media? Often portrayed as uneducated and foolish in sitcoms and in the background on the news, it seems like the sole purpose of the working-class character is to provide laughs. The stereotypes have been around for decades and is slowly showing signs of ceasing. By using stereotypes and social framing, the media not only promotes close minded labels but also adds to the negative stereotypes of the lower classes all while marketing merchandise and unnecessary luxury items. Today, the media is the primary source of information we collect. With computers, TV, smartphones and tablets, available to us, we know the most current events and see the latest trends with ease. Even author, Diana Kendall addresses how the media plays a vital role in society. In the excerpt, Framing Class, Vicarious living and Conspicuous Consumption. Kendall states that the media is so much a part of our culture, that it, simply does not mirror society, rather, they help to shape it and to create cultural perception.[1] (Kendall, 316) With so many ways to communicate along with the many ways to receive knowledge, faming has found its way into the media. But why is it so important? Sure, it can be seen in ads, newspapers, the internet and tv but why should we need to be aware of it? Framing is important to know because it determines how information is presented to us. It is a view someone else has that they share with others. And the person or people with the view wants as many people to listen and agree with it as possible. Whether the view or idea should be respected or accepted is completely left up to the audience. Because framing is an effective tool used by the media, could there be bias in the things we watch? The answer is yes. Framing can be problematic because television ads often use it to manipulative the viewers. Often narratives are framed one way, the way the media wants us to see them. Because of this, we are only given small pieces of the story and not the whole thing. In an article written by Marsha Richins, a professor in the Department of Marketing at the University of Missouri, she gives an example of media selection. This one was a commercial for United airlines. The lead character is an attractive working mother, balancing work and taking care of her daughter. She, drops her daughter off at day care, flies to a business meeting, and returns at the end of the day in time to pick up her smiling, delighted daughter[2]. Richins noted that the boring things in the ad were taken out. [3]We dont see this woman brushing her teeth or standing in line to buy a newspaper. Also omitted a re the unpleasant things. As far as we know, this woman never has a run in her pantyhose, never has to wait in the rain for a cab, and her daughter never whines. In media, time and space are costly. Including boring or unpleasant aspects of life in a television commercial or program is expensive and in most cases detrimental to the advertisers or directors goal, so these elements are omitted. But the resulting image depicts an idealized version of life that isnt achieved even by the most fortunate members of society. [4] Framing could also divide people, not only by appearance and preferences, but also by social class. Kendalls book explains this theory. One argument she makes is that the media forces societys ideals on everyday people. The upper-class are often praised for their wealth and prosperity. Seeing their luxury and how amazing their lives are, we wished ours could be the same. The perceptions they force on us Kendall informs, blur the line of reality and what is not real encourages people to emulate the upper class and shun the working class and poor[5] (Kendall, 317) It sounds crazy but it is a great example of how powerful marketing is. You are being targeted without realizing it and they will not bluntly admit what they want you to do but instead send messages through advertisement. From seeing the ads and hearing others opinions and as well as listening to our own, we then make our decision. These class bias can lead to many stereotypes and prejudging. And from what Ive seen on TV, the working class gets the worst of it. Class dismissed, a documentary based on a book with the same titled by Pepi Leistyna, goes against many of the tv stereotypes of the working class thought out the history. According to the video, the working class are portrayed as foolish because tv wants you to believe, workers inadequacies are to blame for their lack of advancement.[6] In other words, it is your fault you are where you are. Because tv frames the idea that anybody can, achieve success[7] with two simple ingredients: passion and hard-work[8] many people ignore the fact that, most of the time, things that happen to us is beyond our control. Some decisions are based on our choices but not everyone of them. Its unfair to say everyones circumstances are the same and it comes off very insensitive and narrow-minded. Having this framed mindset, teaches us to be displeased with ourselves and to seek fortune. It makes us think that our lives would be incomplete without the latest designer clothes and shoes. Americans find themselves overspending on name brands and expensive cars. Kendall states the framing is associated with rampant consumerism is emulation framing, which suggest that people in all classes should reward themselves with a few of the perks of the wealthy[9] Using phycological manipulation, companies trick consumers by exposing their insecurities and offering their products as a solution to them. Unfortunately, the products do not solve consumer problems, but instead puts them in debt because of constant spending. All while businesses are making profits. In conclusion, framing has proved to be a powerful device and highly effective. It shapes the way we think without us even realizing it. The framing effect can be found everywhere: newspapers, media, tv, ads etc. Because of its influence, the media has been using it for years to persuade us to buy products. Since its used often can it be misleading? By using social framing, the media not only encourages close minded views but also adds to the negative stereotypes of the lower classes, while endorsing spending and gaining profit from unaware consumers. Works Cited Kendall, Diana Elizabeth. 2005. Framing class: media representations of wealth and poverty in America. Lanham, Md: Rowman Littlefield Publishers. Leistyna, Pepi, Loretta Alper, and Edward Asner. 2005. Class dismissed: how TV frames the working class. [Northampton, MA]: Media Education Foundation. (Video) Director: Loretta Alper Ed Asner YouTube – September 26, 2007 Marsha L. Richins (1992),Media Images, Materialism, and What Ought to Be: The Role of Social Comparison, in SV Meaning, Measure, and Morality of Materialism, eds. Floyd W. Rudmin and Marsha Richins, Provo, UT: Association for Consumer Research, Pages: 202-206. url: Stazi, Irene (A.A. 2014/2015) Framing effects in marketing messages. Tesi di Laurea in Behavioural economics and psychology, LUISS Guido Carli, relatore Massimo Egidi, pp. 59. [Bachelors Degree Thesis] Hicks, Alexandria. Keeping up with the Jones: Socioeconomic Class Representation in Sitcoms. University of Oregon thesis, School of Journalism and Communication, Honors College, B.A. (2014) Diana Elizabeth, Kendall. 2005. Framing class: media representations of wealth and poverty in America. Lanham, Md: Rowman Littlefield Publishers. Marsha L. Richins (1992),Media Images, Materialism, and What Ought to Be: The Role of Social Comparison, in SV Meaning, Measure, and Morality of Materialism, eds. Floyd W. Rudmin and Marsha Richins, Provo, UT: Association for Consumer Research, Pages: 202-206. url: Richins (1992),Media Images, Materialism, and What Ought to Be: The Role of Social Comparison, in SV Meaning, Measure, and Morality of Materialism, eds. Floyd W. Rudmin and Marsha Richins, Provo, UT: Association for Consumer Research, Pages: 202-206. Ibid. Kendall. 2005. Framing class: media representations of wealth and poverty in America. Lanham, Md: Rowman Littlefield Publishers Leistyna, Pepi, Loretta Alper, and Edward Asner. 2005. Class dismissed: how TV frames the working class. [Northampton, MA]: Media Education Foundation. (Video) Director: Loretta Alper Ed Asner YouTube September 26, 2007 Hicks, Alexandria. Keeping up with the Jones: Socioeconomic Class Representation in Sitcoms. University of Oregon thesis, School of Journalism and Communication, Honors College, B.A. (2014) Hicks, Keeping up with the Jones: Socioeconomic Class Representation in Sitcoms. University of Oregon thesis, School of Journalism and Communication, Honors College, B.A. (2014) Diana Elizabeth, Kendall. 2005. Framing class: media representations of wealth and poverty in America. Lanham, Md: Rowman Littlefield Publishers

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The Search Of Happiness By Jeff Haden - 1463 Words

In the search of happiness, meaning makes an impact. When we experience happiness, we are placing meaning to that specific event. The association we make and link our happiness too has to have meaning. The reason person A enjoys long walks at the park and associates them with happiness is because it brings back happy childhood memories. Person B may not associate long walks at the park with happiness, but Sunday meals with the family with happiness. The reason different people have different meanings of happiness is because we can create and bring our own meaning to happiness. To know what brings meaning to your life is a crucial part of finding happiness. When someone can establish what brings meaning to their lives; they can stat to embrace those relationships more. Jeff Haden writer of the article, â€Å"Want to Be happier? Science Says Do These 11 Things Every Single Day,† says â€Å"staying in touch with friends and family is one of the top five regrets of the dying† (Jeff Haden, â€Å"Want to Be Happier Science Says Do These 11 Things Every Single Day†). The relationship we form with the people we love creates a happy experience; those who do not invest the time to spend to cultivate their relationships run the risk of missing out on happiness. In the search of meaningfulness, we have to let go of the meaning we put on the things we acquire like: money, clothes, house, cars. If we neglect our meaningful relationships in order to obtain riches and wealth, it will be at the expense of

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Composition Of Richard Strauss s Ein Heldenleben

Composition of Richard Strauss’s Ein Heldenleben began in a Bavarian mountain resort where Strauss was staying in July of 1898. With a letter sent out from his resort, Strauss proclaimed that, â€Å"Since Beethoven’s Eroica is so unpopular†¦. And hence rarely performed†¦ I am filling the void with a tone poem of substantial length on a similar theme.† In his letter, he expressed that while titled A Hero’s Life, this piece is â€Å"no funeral march† but does have lots of horns, â€Å"horns being quite the thing to express heroism.† Strauss aspired to complete this piece before New Year’s Day of 1899, and finished on December 27th of 1898. The first public performance was then played in March of 1899, in Frankfurt, Germany. While Strauss denied that he was the hero of this piece, it was apparent that the work was ultimately his autobiography. Ein Heldenleben featured parts written about Strauss’s wife, his critics, and over 30 musical quotes from many of his past works. Strauss is quoted as saying, â€Å"I am not a hero. I haven’t got the necessary strength; I am not cut out for battle; I prefer to withdraw, to be quiet, to have peace†¦.† In a programme note for the premiere of the piece, he wrote that the subject was â€Å"not a single poetical or historical figure, but rather a more general and free ideal of great many heroism.† The music of the work points to the composer as its subject, however, and Strauss has said that he believed himself to be â€Å"no less interesting than Napolean.† Ein

What Impact Does Socioeconomics and Geographic free essay sample

Reana Brethen What impact does socioeconomics and geographic exposure have on musical preference? Music is derived from person’s roots and their history of said parties. Music evolves at the same fast paced rate as society and is typically influenced from previous genres. Music in specific geographical locations and socioeconomic environments are mostly created based on surrounding issues and hardships that face the parties involved. Many factors effect what musical preferences people enjoy such as ethnicity, background, the areas they reside within and basic income. There is a wide variety in types of music in different geographical locations. For instance, African music has had a long journey. The beat of the music that tribes created travelled with the Africans when sailing over to America. Eventually, reggae evolved in the Caribbean. In later years, African Americans started singing revolutionized versions of their previous music (Bebey 83). Using the beats of their ancestors, they eventually created gospel, blues, jazz, and etcetera. Even these genres would later branch off and evolve into more contemporary genres such as hip hop and rock n’ roll. Bebey) Other cultures also have their own music which have also evolved through time. The change seen in music can be attributed to the surrounding influences based on the creator’s musical preferences mixed with the influences of their socioeconomics environment as well as their geographical location. An individual growing up in a home with no support of a guardian and they must learn to be independent and they use music as an outlet due to the lack of no one to confide in. On the other hand, an individual who grows up in a stable home where they receive attention and may learn to be independent over time may use music to express themselves rather than the individual who uses music as an outlet. These two examples are composed of completely different surroundings of how music preference can be formed. From these two types of examples, one may develop an idea of which social class those persons may reside in. In the United States, people have created stereotypes for the social classes which exist within the country. In the United States, there are three major social classes: lower, middle and upper. The lower class has little education and the individuals live in poverty. Many associate this class to listen to rap, heavy metal and country. Whether it is a viable part in what musical genres people are involved with, they listen to music and the lyrics which express what their feelings are towards life. A stereo-type for people who work in the lower class are listening to various genres that express the anger that can be created through poor living conditions and unrewarding hard work. Rap and metal are two genres that are known to portray anger well. Some African American neighborhoods, that are considered the government’s property, have more rap music than any other area. Another example resides within the prominent whites who live in trailer parks. For these low income workers, they are considered to listen to heavy metal or country (Emmison 217). The music can be used as an escape from life and can radically change the mood of an individual. Music is also easily accessible and can be created with no basic formula. Music can be shaped and changed at ones will. Compositions of music can also be used to temporarily escape negative situations and channel energy and emotions. Whether that just be a part of their culture or whether it be something to do with their low income and their moods. This is one reason it is believed that some of the most talented musicians have troubled backgrounds. (Emmison) The middle class is considered to be eclectic. They listen to all types of music which includes rap, punk, country, electronic, pop, gospel, hip hop, blues, jazz, indie-rock, dubstep etcetera (Borthwick 156). This may be due primarily to the fact that the middle class encompasses the largest percentage of the American population. Middle class people generally are happy since they receive some rewarding attributes in their lives while the lower class usually receives none. The middle class is more likely to reside in the urban and suburban areas of North America. Another reason this is that the middle class may spend their money in different ways than the other social classes. They may spend more towards items such as expensive cars and other items instead of living conditions. For this reason, some in the middle class may still live in lower class conditions and thus they will primarily listen to music associated with that of the lower class. This can be seen in a very specific study created by Adrian North and David Hargreaves. Part of the study was to include the way people spent their money. It indicates that within the middle class, those that spent their money more responsibly listened to similar music to that of the upper class. This group of people is distinguished from the â€Å"less responsible† group primarily based on how they regularly paid off credit card bills each month. They were generally interested in opera, musicals and classical music. The group that did not pay bills and credit cards off on time as frequently associated more with the music of the lower class. Their preferred genres were DJ based music as well as hip hop and rap (North 481-483). These findings state that although money may affect musical preferences, the lifestyle led by the people within each group has one immense effect upon their preferences as well. (Borthwick) (North) As for the upper class, they are considered to listen to sophisticated music such as classical, musicals and operettas. During the eighteenth century, the aristocrats or the upper class, would attend the well known Mozart and Beethoven symphonies (Emmison 219). Unlike the lower class or middle class that live with less money, the upper class have either had their money handed to them from family members or have earned their money through a high college degree. (Emmison) In the U. S. A. , many people set stereotypes of musical preference with their social class. For example, lower income listen to rap, heavy metal or country, middle class people are eclectic and enjoy many types of music and the upper class enjoys musicals, operas, and classical music. These assumptions can be based off race. However, a study was conducted and stated that income is rarely associated with music preference. The study slims the stereotypes wrong. Yet it does not mean that most people in these classes do not listen to the types of music people associate them with such as blue grass, country, and hymns/gospel, parade, and rap/hip hop are all genres associated with the lower and middle class. (Mizell) Many people believed in the set and stone stereotypes of musical preferences and how they relate to social classes. However, in the study above, those stereotypes were slimmed down. Emmison stated that education was more influential than just the original stereotypes that individuals have created. â€Å"Manual workers and professionals may not like the same types of music†¦more highbrow in the case of professionals, more lowbrow in the case of workers† (Emmison 214). In North’s study, the relationship between employment status and music preferences was also studied. Here, the relationship between music preference and age can be indirectly linked and explained. People that enjoy rock, jazz, and pop were found to likely be employed. People that prefer the genres of opera, country, and classical music were mostly likely retired. Social status and age seem to be the largest determinates of how to associate a certain individual with a specific genre or group of genres. This is based mostly on how easily accessible certain types of music may be. Those in the upper class are more likely to be exposed to genres such as opera and classical genres due to their ability to be able to spend money on attending its performance. The lower classes listen to the types of music that are prevalent on radio stations and may thrive within their area. The middle classes are the most difficult to associate with any brand of music because they are mostly eclectic and enjoy such a broad array of musical genres and artists. People of all ages have grown up listening to different types of music. In the contemporary era, most teens listen to rap, hip hop and other popular music while the people from the seventies will most likely listen to bands such as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Grand Funk Railroad. Music is derived from different backgrounds of several cultures around the world. Music preferences are based off one’s social class and geographic location.

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Supernatural Forces cause the Fall of Man in Macbe Essay Example For Students

Supernatural Forces cause the Fall of Man in Macbe Essay thIn Shakespeares Macbeth supernatural forces create a suspenseful atmosphere. The use of the supernatural in the witches, the visions, the ghost and the apparitions provides the backbone of the climax and excuses for Macbeths change of character. Because conscience plays such a central role in Macbeths tragic struggle, many critics use spiritual and supernatural theories to illuminate the dramas character development. The play opens with the use of the supernatural when three witches encounter Macbeth on his way home from a battle and proceed to predict his fate. This gives the audience a glimpse of the path the play will follow. We will write a custom essay on Supernatural Forces cause the Fall of Man in Macbe specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now The witches plan to meet again, When the battles (battle is) lost and won (I. I. 1-4). This theme becomes recurring throughout the play. It can be noted that the witches meet after every battle is lost and won, and every battle, whether man against man, man against nature or man against himself it will always be lost by one side and won by another. Eventually Macbeth will lose the battle for his soul. Literary critic, Charles Lamb quotes, When we read the incantations of the Witches in Macbeth, though some of the ingredients of their hellish composition savour of the grotesque, yet is the effect upon us other than the most serious and appalling that can be imagined? Do we not feel spell-bound as Macbeth was? (Lamb). After the witches reveal the fate of Macbeth becoming king, he begins to develop an immoral plan to carry out the prophecy. The only way for Macbeth to have the throne will be to wait or to kill King Duncan. Macbeth already knew of his future as king due to the witches forecast of his future, so how he went about getting there did not concern Macbeth. Had the three sisters not confronted Macbeth with the news of his possible future would he have thought of a deviant plan to murder King Duncan, and better yet, would he have had a future as a king at all? Another critic of Shakespearean Literature believes Their (the witches) two appearances divide the tragedy in two movements, the one of which unfolds the crime, and other as punishment. (Snider 289) If you refer back to the text you will find just as the witches appear before Macbeth the first time, the plot to murder King Duncan begins and immediately after the second visitation, the events leading to Macbeths death take place. Had the three witches not encountered Macbeth that day, would Duncan still be alive? The three sisters held the power of motivating Macbeth to kill Duncan by planting the idea in his head that he could be king. The ghostly dagger, which led Macbeth to Duncans chamber, also represents the supernatural forces that cause the fall of Macbeth. His benumbed isolation before, during and right after Duncans murder is one of the most vivid memories, and we can see him in the same abstraction again among the mourners after Duncan is found. (Manyard 62) Macbeths memories of the murder of King Duncan were too cloudy for him to remember because the disillusionment and distraction of the knife influenced him to go through with killing Duncan. Macbeth followed the bloody dagger to Duncans room and even thought twice about murdering the king. Manyard also states Shakespeare emphasizes the visibility of the dagger, partly, I suppose, because it is an instrument of powers that will repeatedly with blood, daggers, ghosts, and every insidious form of apparition- work on Macbeths sight and partly too because its appearance at this moment defines with characteristic ambiguity the complex kinds of sources of experience to which Macbeth as a tragic hero is sensitive. (Manyard 70) Macbeth exhibits sensitivity towards what he does not understand or comprehend. These strange occurrences bring forth Macbeths uncertainty of the unnatural, causing his character to have two paths to travel down: the right one or the wrong one. .ubb72f85235c14f137ba336b20d8a0957 , .ubb72f85235c14f137ba336b20d8a0957 .postImageUrl , .ubb72f85235c14f137ba336b20d8a0957 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .ubb72f85235c14f137ba336b20d8a0957 , .ubb72f85235c14f137ba336b20d8a0957:hover , .ubb72f85235c14f137ba336b20d8a0957:visited , .ubb72f85235c14f137ba336b20d8a0957:active { border:0!important; } .ubb72f85235c14f137ba336b20d8a0957 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .ubb72f85235c14f137ba336b20d8a0957 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .ubb72f85235c14f137ba336b20d8a0957:active , .ubb72f85235c14f137ba336b20d8a0957:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .ubb72f85235c14f137ba336b20d8a0957 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .ubb72f85235c14f137ba336b20d8a0957 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .ubb72f85235c14f137ba336b20d8a0957 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .ubb72f85235c14f137ba336b20d8a0957 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .ubb72f85235c14f137ba336b20d8a0957:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .ubb72f85235c14f137ba336b20d8a0957 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .ubb72f85235c14f137ba336b20d8a0957 .ubb72f85235c14f137ba336b20d8a0957-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .ubb72f85235c14f137ba336b20d8a0957:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Greek and Roman Society Essay The floating dagger along with emotions and adrenaline coaxed Macbeth to the murder. Had he not encountered dagger, he wouldnt have ever traveled up the stairs to Duncans chamber. Banquos ghost is yet another paranormal experience Macbeth encounters, and also the one that sent Macbeth over the edge. Author Ludwig Jekels felt that the poet dramatizes, with wonderful clarity, the fear of the son (Banquo) now the father, upon confronting, in his own son (Macbeth), the same hostility that he (Macbeth) had harbored on his own father (Duncan). (Jekels 227) Banquos ghost returned to torture Macbeth indefinitely. Eventually, the ghost drives Macbeth to his own, unintended, self-destruction. In act 3, scene 4, lines 112-115 Macbeth says to Lady Macbeth, Can such things be and overcome us like a summers cloud, without our special wonder? You make me strange even to the disposition that owe (my own nature). (3. 4.112-115) After all Macbeth has been through at this point, the witches and apparitions, he still cant grasp his connection to the supernatural. This proves that Macbeth fell under the influence of the supernatural without knowing. Accredited author J. L. F. Flathe quotes, But we are constrained to ask, what devil gives the devil such power over this poor devil Macbeth that he is so immediately led astray, while we see, in the case of Banquo, that any man who chooses can easily withstand the devil? (Flathe 200) Any given persons human nature tempts them to take an easier path if shown the way. Some people exhibit more hardworking and honest traits than others. Macbeth was deceitful and dishonest, therefore following the path of the devil. Macbeth suffered the consequences of his actions by death. Though Banquo also suffered consequences of honesty, his heirs benefited in the long run by inheriting the crown. Macbeths decisions were influenced by supernatural encounters, causing him to tragically meet a doomed fate. These paranormal experiences and influences caused Macbeth to choose certain paths, only to lead him to self-destruction. Had the witches, ghosts, and visions not occurred throughout the play, what other courses would have been walked to lead him to his ill-fated destiny? Without the guidance of these forces, Macbeths fate would have been altered and the plot would be non-existent. Works CitedFlathe, J. L. F. Banquo is Innocent. In Shakespearean Criticism. Vol. 3. 199-201.Jekels, Ludwig. Psychoanalytical Structure of Macbeth. In Shakespearean Criticism. Vol. 3. 226-227. Lamb, Charles. The Tragedies of Shakespeare. Electric Library @ AOL. Jan. 1992Electric Library @ AOL. 1. Jan. 1992 http://www. =rlpubname=greMaginn, William. The Gloomiest of Plays. In Shakespearean Criticism. Vol. 3. 193. Manyard, Mack Jr. The Voice in the Sword. Modern Critical Interpretations of Macbeth . Ed. Harold Bloom. New York. Chelsea House Publishers. 1987. Shakespeare, William. Macbeth. Snider, Denton. 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